Thursday, March 17, 2011

Painters I Mentioned Today

Monica Tap- paintings are based on images from Quicktime videos.
Ian Whitmore- paintings based on historical photographs.
Vija Celmins- paintings of space heaters, space, news.
Conrad Baker- Depression Glass, trickster painting.
Alex Katz- landscapes.
Sara MacCulloch- landscapes.
Rudy Burckhardt- urban landscapes.
Shane Neufeld- trucks.
Bauer- paintings of airplanes, lots of sky, nice spacing.
Steven Coyle- trucks, traffic.
Paul Winstanley- out of focus, muted palette, atmospheric.
Paul Housley- jokey, loose painter.
Ann Craven- cats, flowers, outer space,
Wayne Thiebaud- cakes.
Marie-Louise Motesiczky- Rediscovered recently.
Otto Dix- Weimar, 1920's trauma portraits.
John Sloan- urban landscape, everyday working class life.

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