Friday, February 4, 2011

for tuesday february 8

hi all,
on tuesday please hang your works, last weekends drawings, in class drawings, and this weekends paintings in the room (fill it up, use higher and lower parts of wall, salon style) from 9:00-9:30.
then head down to shop at 9:30 for stretcher demo which will be 1 to 1 i/2 hour.
i must be a little late that day but gwendolyn will be there to assist you with set up and i will come during the demo.
don't forget to bring PUSHPINS and/or nails for hanging!!!

by the way, if anyone is interested and out in the western suburbs, i'm giving a lecture at MacAnninch Arts Center at College of Dupage on Monday, the 7th at 1:00.

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