Friday, February 18, 2011

Updated Schedule (2/18)

For this Thurday: bring a headshot type photo about 8x10" into class for Thursday and be prepared to draw from this source.

Thursday 1/27: Draw in class
homework: Draw 3 hours of 1, 2, or 3 more head drawings (your choice)
Tuesday 2/1: meet at Garfield Conservatory @ 9:30 with paper and other drawing supplies
Thurday 2/3: 9:00 Stretcher making demo. Meet in 4th floor woodshop with notebook for note-taking. 10:00 Put Head Drawing (homework) and conservatory drawings up on wall with your pushpins for critique/discussion.'
homework: paint on one of your pre-stretched canvas' with B&W paint only: a plant. Work 4 hours on this, and get a good range of grays.
Tuesday 2/8: Woodshop Demo. Critique these plant paintings.
Thursday 2/10: Begin three color (RBY) + White linear approach to still life with purple dog (canvas #2).
homework: Continuation of still life: 4 Hours on still life painting.

* By 2/22 you must have at least one hand made or store bought and assembled stretcher bar. make or buy stretchers for 4 more paintings (sizes are your choice but no smaller than 20" on smallest size). There is a 2x4" in the shop for each of you, just ask kevin for yours.

Tuesday 2/15: hang completed still life paintings for quick critique. start full color linear approach to still life (bring canvas #3 and canvas #4). yes, we are painting two works simultaneously.
Thursday 2/17: go to Jim Nutt: Without You I'm Nothing exhibition at MCA. meet at MCA at 10:00 (lobby). Click on this link for more information:
homework: work on canvas' #3 and #4 (4 hours). These will be worked on in class on Tuesday 2/22, but will note if no progress has been made over week.

Tuesday 2/22: Stretching demo and stretching session. Continue working on still lifes.
homework: complete both still-lifes.
Thursday 2/24: Critique still lifes. Painting Lecture. Continue stretching and priming.
homework: complete stretching and priming. then, see two of the following shows and write a 1-2 page comparative essay about the merits of each. If you find no merits, write about what you hoped to see. This writing is due Thursday, 2/4. Part of what this is meant to accomplish is introduce you to some of the well-regarded art galleries and painting dialogues, and get you in the habit of seeing shows, which is as important to most artists as making is.
•Michelle Grabner at Shane Campbell (closes end of day 2/26 so hurry if choosing this one)
•Jeanne Dunning at Donald Young (photography but very painting oriented)
• Philip Vanderhyden at Andrew Rafacz
• Judy Ledgerwood at Rhona Hoffman (this show closed 2/18, but if you saw it you can write about it)
Claire Sherman at Kavi Gupta
• Contemporary Collecting: The Judith Neisser Collection, AIC
tuesday, 3/1: begin final still-life which will be executed in part acrylic, part oil.
homework: complete viewing and essay
thursday 3/3: (complete) slide lecture and oil demo
homework: paint 4 hours
tuesday 3/8: work day
homework: work on painting, and start to think of source material for new painting.
thursday 3/10: work day and advising
homework: complete painting and stretch and prime new canvas.
tuesday 3/15: critique
thurday 3/17: start new work

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